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Vanessa de Largie

Don't Hit Me! Print Edition

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#1 Amazon Bestseller
#Winner 'SILVER' Readers Favorite Awards
# Winner 'BRONZE' Global eBook Awards
# Honorable Mention Award London Book Festival
# Five-star Review Midwest Book Review
# Five-star Review San Francisco Book Review
# Five-star Review #1 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer - UK
# 3 out of 4 stars Official Online Bookclub

Australian actress and author Vanessa de Largie is a survivor of domestic violence. Don't Hit Me! is the true diarised account of her time living with an abusive man. The story is conveyed through poems, journal entries and fragments of lyrical prose. The book is a snapshot of domestic violence in real time. Raw, poignant and brave - it's a tale that will stay with you.